Don’t stay in the pains of frustration. It slows down your pace to move on unless you decide to let go from hanging on.
You are a child of God. Even before you were formed in a womb, you were already a family of his own. You have been owned by him, so avoid all means to lose this endowment of having his protection and strength. Your struggles are God’s test for you to make firm your determination to go through life’s difficulties. He is in control and when the time comes when your loads are heavy to bear he lifts the other end for you. Never falter with your trust in him as he stands strong as your guiding pillar amidst any destructive torrents that may destroy the serenity of your soul. You have been inscribed in the palm of his hands and no amount of fear can ever topple that covenant he has made with you as his ward. God will always be the strength of your heart and the fullness of your being a child, only if you allow him to be your father. He’s the ultimate family you’ve got.
The world may turn its back on you but never by a God who made a family with you.