2021 Patronal Feasts of Sto.Nino in Archdiocese of Jaro.

Archdiocese of Jaro has parishes whose patron is the Divine Infant Jesus or what we addressed to Seňor Santo Niňo. Parish fiesta of this year 2021 celebrations were festive, colorful and solemn with hopeful heart of the community in these challenging times.

 Santo Niňo de Arevalo Parish celebrates the Sunday feast with a motorcade of the Child Jesus image around the roads of Arevalo. A mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arthur Flores, Director of Commission on Mission who shared the ongoing mission journey of the Archdiocese in Africa, inspiring faithful to be in mission of our faith with Christ. 

In the Parish of St. John Sahagun, Tigbauan honoring the Holy Infant Jesus conceptualized a theme for the feast “Seňor Santo Niňo, Tagtabang sang tagsa ka Tigbauanon, sa Tunga sining Krisis, Ikaw ang Paglaum Namon.” They had novena with intentions to gather help for the construction of their church’s retablo. To give tribute to the name of Holy Child Jesus – our Lord Jesus Christ, the parish crowned the Boy Sto. Niňo 2021. 

Also on the day of the feast, the image of Child Jesus was processioned nearby the church area wherein houses along the road made a small altar with the image of Santo Niňo. This was led by devoted Chinese businessmen who believe that the great Child Jesus in Tigbuan continuously bless them in every successful business ventures they had. The parish also joyfully welcomed the newly baptized 50 children.

Likewise, San Joaquin Parish celebrates their feast, held a novena to Seňor Santo Niňo and culminates with a “sadsad” in Brgy. Siwaragan, San Joaquin, the place where Jesuit priests of the past introduce the devotion to the inhabitants 401 years ago. San Joaquinon always cherished their history which strengthened their community identity. 

It is every Sunday after the Baptism of Jesus in liturgical calendar that we, the Church, festively celebrate the feast of Divine Infant Jesus with a chant of Viva Pit Seňor! Viva! Viva!


By: Dejpe Dejuan

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