“Let out that goodness in me, oh Lord…”

Avoid all means to pursue hurting others. It is never right to bring pains to them just because you were pained.

A lot of things may have had happened that hurt you, but don’t let these make you unkind to others. Never mirror your anguish to someone subservient to you just because of your superiority. Let out your very nature to help and not to destroy; to assist and not to let fall; to understand and not to forsake; to accept and not to shun; to forgive and not to condemn; and to love beyond all measures. These are precious priceless gifts that you can share that will forever be a memoir for others to cherish all the days of their lives. Let your wrath be overwhelmed by your innate affection to embrace rather than to inflict harm. God gave you a heart to love and not a stone to throw. Let it beat compassion. It surely will.

The sadness in your journey can only be vanquished when you let out that beauty of goodness within you. 

2021 Patronal Feasts of Sto.Nino in Archdiocese of Jaro.

2021 Patronal Feasts of Sto.Nino in Archdiocese of Jaro.

Archdiocese of Jaro has parishes whose patron is the Divine Infant Jesus or what we addressed to Seňor Santo Niňo. Parish fiesta of this year 2021 celebrations were festive, colorful and solemn with hopeful heart of the community in these challenging times.

 Santo Niňo de Arevalo Parish celebrates the Sunday feast with a motorcade of the Child Jesus image around the roads of Arevalo. A mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arthur Flores, Director of Commission on Mission who shared the ongoing mission journey of the Archdiocese in Africa, inspiring faithful to be in mission of our faith with Christ. 

In the Parish of St. John Sahagun, Tigbauan honoring the Holy Infant Jesus conceptualized a theme for the feast “Seňor Santo Niňo, Tagtabang sang tagsa ka Tigbauanon, sa Tunga sining Krisis, Ikaw ang Paglaum Namon.” They had novena with intentions to gather help for the construction of their church’s retablo. To give tribute to the name of Holy Child Jesus – our Lord Jesus Christ, the parish crowned the Boy Sto. Niňo 2021. 

Also on the day of the feast, the image of Child Jesus was processioned nearby the church area wherein houses along the road made a small altar with the image of Santo Niňo. This was led by devoted Chinese businessmen who believe that the great Child Jesus in Tigbuan continuously bless them in every successful business ventures they had. The parish also joyfully welcomed the newly baptized 50 children.

Likewise, San Joaquin Parish celebrates their feast, held a novena to Seňor Santo Niňo and culminates with a “sadsad” in Brgy. Siwaragan, San Joaquin, the place where Jesuit priests of the past introduce the devotion to the inhabitants 401 years ago. San Joaquinon always cherished their history which strengthened their community identity. 

It is every Sunday after the Baptism of Jesus in liturgical calendar that we, the Church, festively celebrate the feast of Divine Infant Jesus with a chant of Viva Pit Seňor! Viva! Viva!


By: Dejpe Dejuan

“My strength comes from you, oh lord…”

"My strength comes from you, oh Lord..."

Move on. Be practical. Don't allow your pains to hold you hostage of bitterness. It's easy to journey when nothing holds you back. It is inevitable that in the many times of your life you have fallen and commit mistakes. Undoubtedly, these were the moments that you were able to rise and learn some lessons to take. You're human and not perfect, you've been hurt but you are still alive. So, never let pain and sadness run your life. Never let this world make you bitter. Never let the actions of other people turn you cold from the inside but allow them to become your strength to face the difficult times of your life. You can never know how strong you are unless tested. Never be ashamed of the scars your pains had left you. Scars are your trophies of triumphs over wounds that had already healed, that had taught you a lesson, and that had made you move forward. Your scar is God's sign of his grace for you, as he never left you. God has always loved you.The marks of your pains in the past will be marks of your strength that will always last.

WE GIVE OUR YES!: Parish Launching of the Year of Missio Ad Gentes in the Different Parishes of the Archdiocese of Jaro


Parish Launching of the Year of Missio Ad Gentes in the Different Parishes of the Archdiocese of Jaro


17 JANUARY 2021 | The 3rd Sunday of January is yearly dedicated to the Feast of the Santo Niño in the Philippines. A one-of-a-kind celebration manifested through a deep devotion to the Holy Child. It is one of the oldest and most popular celebrations in the Philippines, so popular that the Holy See granted all Filipino Catholics  this special permission to celebrate this Feast. 

This year’s celebration has become more colorful and festive as loud joyful beats of drums and accompanying dance and songs reigned in every parishes of Jaro as they formally launched the YEAR OF MISSIO AD GENTES which marked the 9th year of our preparation for the Quincentennial Commemoration of Christian Presence in the Country which was first introduced by the Spanish Missionaries in 1521.

Amidst the on-going strife against COVID19 Pandemic, Parishes were able to successfully conduct the Launching Activity which has become more meaningful and heartfelt despite of the health and safety protocols that everyone needs to follow. We might have scattered by the social distancing pact, yet we were united, heart and mind, by our deep sense of faith and trust in God.

The Commission on Liturgy of the Archdiocese prepared a simple Launching Rite and prayer, and were sent to the different parishes of the Archdiocese.

The creativity and artistry of the different ministries and organizations of the parishes prevailed, however the solemnity of the celebration was undiminished.

This simply shows that artistry and faith can always go elbow-to-elbow especially when catholics express their faith and devotion to God.

The Launching of the Year of Missio Ad Gentes is not the end of our 500th Anniversary Celebration rather the dawning of another year of Mission- to the Church, to the community and to our brothers and sisters especially the least, the lost and last, beyond color and race, religion and state. For we are all set for a Mission as we are all GIFTED TO GIVE.

May God be adored and Glorified both now and forever.

“In Laborem Fidei”

"In Laborem Fidei"

The people of Calinog, together with the entire Catholic Church in the Philippines, celebrated one of the most significant feast in our country: The Feast of the Sto. Niño. On this day also, the parish launched the Missio Ad Gentes, answering the call of our Lord to spread the good news to all nations. We give thanks to the Father for his gift to our civilization 500 years ago when Catholic missionaries, together with the Spanish Expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan, landed in Limasawa and brought to us the light of the Roman Catholic Faith. Upon celebrating a mass in Cebu, the Spanish navigators erected a cross and gifted Rajah Humabon of Cebu an icon of the Child Jesus. Today, the parishioners welcomed the entry of the Cross and the image of the Sto. Niño into the church, symbolizing the arrival of our Faith in 1521. Our parish priest, Rev. Msgr. Efren Condino led the solemn rites before the mass. Members of the Calinog Parish Youth Ministry – Altar Servers animated the song “Gifted to Give” which is the official theme song of Missio Ad Gentes. They wore Suguidanon costumes reflecting the culture and tradition innate in Calinog since time immemorial. Rev. Fr. Randy Zabala, our parochial vicar, reminded us during his homily to bear in mind the gifts of the arrival of our faith five hundred years ago and to ensure that we fulfill our primordial role as Christians: to live a life of mission in spreading the good news to all. For we know that our Faith is a candle that must not be kept, rather it is for everyone to see in order for all of us to feel the warmth of God’s redeeming love. Our “estrella del norte” as Christians is to put aside our own selves and dedicate our lives to serve the will of the Father. To spread the good news to the peripheries is a mission we have recieved from the moment of our Baptism as adopted children of God through of Lord Jesus Christ. With our hands held high, we Calinognons pray to the Father to continue to bless our municipality and protect us during this pendemic as we continue to say: Viva Señor Santo Niño, Viva!

By EJ Celis

“Lord fill my heart with forgiveness and love…”

Learn to love the unlovable. Never hate bad people, as doing so, makes you one.

To call somebody bad is always subjective. You are your own tongue and you always have the control of any form to misjudge, much more to malign. You become what you feed your mind. You are what you utter. How you mistreat others speaks of your own inner pains that makes you devoid of self-blame, thus, the tendency is to reflect them to others. Before the eyes of God no one is bad saved alone how you define it in your mind. Allow God to do the work of judgment and never take away his role, otherwise, you’ll lose the beauty of respect to human dignity. God has always meant you to care but not to create fear. We’re no angels and each one deserves to be loved and to be afforded of a high esteem. If God seeks for the lost to find them back to the fold, never be the contrary by depriving others to be called.

Don’t stop doing small things for others. These small things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

“Let me be your Child, oh God..”

What you give you will also receive. It may not be in the same quantity, but surely, it will be of a better quality. Children learn from whatever they see and hear. The kind of atmosphere they’re in at home becomes their first teachers as they are moulded towards growth. A soft-spoken person roots its cause from the gentleness of his raring as a tot. Generosity is never handed through by blood but by the good examples that made them so glad. Love exudes when there is the foundation of care and affection that was imbedded in the character of the youth. Whatever you have planted among the few you will harvest in the many. Children will never become the hope of the future if they start with the inadequate sense of their parents’ neglect of being good formators. When God calls you to be childlike, he seeks for your tenderness and meekness that you could never acquire by being childish.It would be much easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

‘Love begets love…”

Mind your life. There’s more that you can notice to change for the better than commenting on how others would live their own. Avoid all means to talk about others’ flaws. Know that there may be more that you’ve got. Seek for something positive and indulge yourself in affirmation that brings about inspiration rather than rejection. You may haven’t known how others would struggle to survive their ordeals and you are in no way to add more burdens to their shoulders. Never be stressed over things you cannot control but allow God to take over others’ miseries through your respect for them. Use every opportunity to convert one’s sad fate into becoming a joy; one’s frustration into a hope; one’s selfishness into selflessness; one’s despair into determination; and one’s anger into forgiveness and love. Never allow the action of others to decrease your good attitude, because this represents yourself and not of someone else. Take out the speck from your eyes first, so that you will see the goodness of others.