What you give you will also receive. It may not be in the same quantity, but surely, it will be of a better quality. Children learn from whatever they see and hear. The kind of atmosphere they’re in at home becomes their first teachers as they are moulded towards growth. A soft-spoken person roots its cause from the gentleness of his raring as a tot. Generosity is never handed through by blood but by the good examples that made them so glad. Love exudes when there is the foundation of care and affection that was imbedded in the character of the youth. Whatever you have planted among the few you will harvest in the many. Children will never become the hope of the future if they start with the inadequate sense of their parents’ neglect of being good formators. When God calls you to be childlike, he seeks for your tenderness and meekness that you could never acquire by being childish.It would be much easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

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