There’s always sadness in being left alone. It is only when you lose yourself in the Lord that you’ll always be in company.

When everything is well and sufficient in your life, you enjoyed the abode to relax relying on your own strength unmindful even of your dependency with God. This pandemic has made you realize that you are vulnerable and not one of those you cherished was good enough to be your shield. You become fragile and insignificant because of your fears, where your money and power rendered futile. God has allowed this storm to come in letting you realize his presence during this toughest moment of your life. It affects you to be humble and become receptive to his protection as you are shaken awake of your own vulnerability. Your anxiety may escalate of having the thought that he has left you, but God never did and he never will. He is still with you even as, sometimes, you turned your back to him. All you need is just to turn around and once again feel his loving embrace.

God is not changing your situation, but he uses this situation to change you.

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