Be steadfast with your faith in God for no amount of suffering can ever weaken such firmness you uphold.

Life’s difficulties and challenges may sometimes incapacitate your desire to hold on in your perseverance to sustain. Failures may oftentimes deplete your stamina to remain strong in the midst of uncertainties. You lose vigor. You lose hope. You lose yourself. Believe in the gift of toughness God has given you. It is there. Discover it. You must not let the lack of success define your limits, for it is in weakness that you can value the need for strength that can only be acquired when you trust in his might. Don’t be intimidated by how others would besmirch your capacity to strive for fulfillment in your endeavors. Trust yourself more in what you can do than relying on what you can hear. You know yourself better than just the taunting chant of others. Never give up.

When somebody pulls you down, know that you’re on top of him.

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