Peace is not just defined as an absence of war but a serenity of goodwill that engulfs one’s life.

Be freed from the disturbance that brings about anxiety and fears, but rather be clothed with friendship and harmony devoid of conflicts and violence. Put on the softness of God’s heart in the fullness of your life so as to attain a stress-free calmness and a perfect harmony of how you relate with others. Release the bondage of anger that brought you rage; let go of that hatred that extinguished your desire to smile; bury the hatchet of jealousy that brought about infinite unreasonable quests to possess. Don’t create a war within yourself when there are opportunities to defeat these toxic antidotes for calmness to thrive. This is a gift of serenity sourced alone in God and only him who can give.

When you are at peace with yourself, no amount of fear will ever run you out of help.

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