To see is to believe. It’s not viable with God. Just believe first, and you will have a lot to see.

Not all that brings you satisfaction could be seen or touched. It’s always good to know that behind your senses there is something better in store for you. What is laid before your very eyes is just but a drop of the many blessings God has readied for you to receive. Your life is always an occasion to discover great things from God as you unfold yourself to become receptive of his plans and surprises for you. Never be in haste to force God to do something to fulfill your wants, but allow yourself, instead, to succumb to what he asks from you to fulfill his will. Unlock every closed doors of your whole being by freeing yourself from the bondage of your stress, frustration and despair. Allow God’s embrace melt your doubts and fears as you feel the warmness of his assurance that you will be alright in his loving care.

Satisfaction is not all about acquiring what to have, but of being grateful of what you already have.

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