There is more to life than just focusing your attention to the worries that surround you. It helps not but develops the stress.
Know that with God nothing is impossible. Live with the assurance that you are more than just the food you eat and the clothes you wear. The weariness will truly wear you out when you worry much of these provisions outside the context of your total reliance in God. You tend to focus more on your competence to provide your necessities than realizing that someone values you more than how you assess your essentials in life. When God asks you to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness as he will take care of your needs, it would be more than enough of a guarantee to let go of your anxiety. He knows your needs even before you ask him, and he is much aware of all your concerns even unspoken. In his own timing he knows what’s best for you. In your own weakness he will always be your strength, and he will be your voice even when you lost the words to speak in your humbled silence. In times of this uncertainty, there’s no one to turn to than trust him to do something new.
God makes a way and he works in ways you cannot see.

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