There is more to life than just focusing your attention to the worries that surround you. It helps not but develops the stress.
Know that with God nothing is impossible. Live with the assurance that you are more than just the food you eat and the clothes you wear. The weariness will truly wear you out when you worry much of these provisions outside the context of your total reliance in God. You tend to focus more on your competence to provide your necessities than realizing that someone values you more than how you assess your essentials in life. When God asks you to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness as he will take care of your needs, it would be more than enough of a guarantee to let go of your anxiety. He knows your needs even before you ask him, and he is much aware of all your concerns even unspoken. In his own timing he knows what’s best for you. In your own weakness he will always be your strength, and he will be your voice even when you lost the words to speak in your humbled silence. In times of this uncertainty, there’s no one to turn to than trust him to do something new.
God makes a way and he works in ways you cannot see.


There’s always sadness in being left alone. It is only when you lose yourself in the Lord that you’ll always be in company.

When everything is well and sufficient in your life, you enjoyed the abode to relax relying on your own strength unmindful even of your dependency with God. This pandemic has made you realize that you are vulnerable and not one of those you cherished was good enough to be your shield. You become fragile and insignificant because of your fears, where your money and power rendered futile. God has allowed this storm to come in letting you realize his presence during this toughest moment of your life. It affects you to be humble and become receptive to his protection as you are shaken awake of your own vulnerability. Your anxiety may escalate of having the thought that he has left you, but God never did and he never will. He is still with you even as, sometimes, you turned your back to him. All you need is just to turn around and once again feel his loving embrace.

God is not changing your situation, but he uses this situation to change you.

“Never lose hope…”

Be steadfast with your faith in God for no amount of suffering can ever weaken such firmness you uphold.

Life’s difficulties and challenges may sometimes incapacitate your desire to hold on in your perseverance to sustain. Failures may oftentimes deplete your stamina to remain strong in the midst of uncertainties. You lose vigor. You lose hope. You lose yourself. Believe in the gift of toughness God has given you. It is there. Discover it. You must not let the lack of success define your limits, for it is in weakness that you can value the need for strength that can only be acquired when you trust in his might. Don’t be intimidated by how others would besmirch your capacity to strive for fulfillment in your endeavors. Trust yourself more in what you can do than relying on what you can hear. You know yourself better than just the taunting chant of others. Never give up.

When somebody pulls you down, know that you’re on top of him.

“Lord, thank you for the friendship…”

When God calls you as his friend, a deeper meaning to such a relationship accompanies the invitation.

A true friend is someone who stands up for you when others would try to hurt you emotionally or physically. He will do everything for your safety no matter what consequence he would take as its toll. He, too, is not just someone who may adhere always to your likings. Convenient or not, he must be bold enough to let you be aware of your flaws that is detrimental to your growth even to the extent of losing the amity, otherwise, he becomes an accomplice to your downfall. In a like manner, God abhors your sinfulness to let you grow according to the best plan he has in stored for you. His love goes even farther beyond how you define faithfulness in your limited capacity by spreading his arms on the cross that you may live. He accepts you as you are and will always stand loyal by your side. No true friend can ever abandon friendship. God will never will.

God is your friend and will always be your friend, for that’s what friends are for.

“Peace be with you…”

Peace is not just defined as an absence of war but a serenity of goodwill that engulfs one’s life.

Be freed from the disturbance that brings about anxiety and fears, but rather be clothed with friendship and harmony devoid of conflicts and violence. Put on the softness of God’s heart in the fullness of your life so as to attain a stress-free calmness and a perfect harmony of how you relate with others. Release the bondage of anger that brought you rage; let go of that hatred that extinguished your desire to smile; bury the hatchet of jealousy that brought about infinite unreasonable quests to possess. Don’t create a war within yourself when there are opportunities to defeat these toxic antidotes for calmness to thrive. This is a gift of serenity sourced alone in God and only him who can give.

When you are at peace with yourself, no amount of fear will ever run you out of help.

“What more can I ask, oh Lord…”

To see is to believe. It’s not viable with God. Just believe first, and you will have a lot to see.

Not all that brings you satisfaction could be seen or touched. It’s always good to know that behind your senses there is something better in store for you. What is laid before your very eyes is just but a drop of the many blessings God has readied for you to receive. Your life is always an occasion to discover great things from God as you unfold yourself to become receptive of his plans and surprises for you. Never be in haste to force God to do something to fulfill your wants, but allow yourself, instead, to succumb to what he asks from you to fulfill his will. Unlock every closed doors of your whole being by freeing yourself from the bondage of your stress, frustration and despair. Allow God’s embrace melt your doubts and fears as you feel the warmness of his assurance that you will be alright in his loving care.

Satisfaction is not all about acquiring what to have, but of being grateful of what you already have.


Though Joseph was living with God, it did not stop him to value the hardships of labor. He even taught God to work hard for it.

Learn to love your work. It is only in so doing that you’ll have a lot of energy to enjoy every minute of it. Oftentimes, most of your fatigue comes from exerting too much energy on a job contrary to your likes. It matters much when you are in loved with your work. Excellence can only happen when your mind is in accord with what your hands can accomplish. It generates gratefulness in retrospect to what your skills can do that can boast your esteem. God provides you with deserving talents to prove your worth according to the level of your capacity. He even let himself to grow and be moulded by a happy carpenter who loved his work and who later on came out as one of the famous persons in our history. Never under estimate yourself. God does not see your success but how you strive to be worthy of what he has given you to sustain your being. Offer your work to him as the greatest achievement of your life.

Whoever endures the pains of labor will always enjoy the fruits of his endeavours.

“Let me walk in your way, oh Lord…”

It always feels nice when you are in the right track. Being faithful to the road signs you see will never let you out of the way.

Recognize the right road you’re trodding. It can only have its smoothness when it all leads to God. Much as you are engrossed to pampering yourself with your whims, the farther you’ll swerve from God’s direction to the right path. The closer you indulge yourself to his will, the nearer you will approach the destination you so desire. Cease to adhere other voices that leads to your bodily pleasure but abhorrent to the sanity of your soul. Rather, center your attention to the less inaudible voice of God that will lead you to the right journey. Listen not to how others would praise you, lest you become paranoid of self-adoration, but feel rather the vibration of how God has wanted you to follow him to walk humbly in his way. The silence of your humility becomes the voice of your strength that will make you gently submissive to his divine will. The love of God which makes you feel best is the very same love he wants you to share among the rest.

Keep God’s ways alive in your heart and your life will never keep apart.

Thank you, for being there, oh Lord

Cherish every moment of your friendship with the Lord. He is worth the time you spent with.

Friendship is not just all about having a company to be with, but is more of having an established relationship of mutual affection. When the Lord called you as his friend, he was paying full and undivided attention to the wholeness of your being unconditionally. In him you’ll find comfort to lay down everything you have in your heart without any inhibition. Despite your differences, he would never leave you abandoned regardless of any disparity in your likes. He is best described as a friend who doesn’t want anything from your abundance but runs towards you in the times of your nothingness. He will never turn his back to you in your shamefulness but embraces you fully when others could not. He’s one who does not save his credentials but saves you, as he stoops down to your lowliness to let you feel that you are never left alone. That is how he uses his wisdom. That is how he fills in the vacuum of your emptiness. That is how he defines relationship.

True friends will never keep you apart, maybe in distance, but never in your heart.


It’s difficult to love a person who punishes you, much more with God. He doesn’t condemn nor elates with punishments, but forgives.
Be consoled if you have sinned. God goes beyond any form of punishment. He just wants you to repent and feel his love through his forgiveness. You’re no angel to be perfect in life’s fullness. It is inevitable to fall, to commit mistakes, to sin, but do not ever think that God will forever condemn you because of these. This is the very essence of his redemptive offering of his blood on the cross. It is never in his nature to punish but is inherent of compassion to give you opportunities to prove your worth as his redeemed child. He gives you space to be sorry for what you’ve done and prods you not to stay in the stagnancy of your sins but to move on with a renewed life. He is a God who gives chances but never confined to the obstinacy of any stoic law that punishes. God has always a warm heart to forgive and to embrace.
It is when you accept your transgression that you can feel God’s reconciliation.