“Lord fill my heart with forgiveness and love…”

Learn to love the unlovable. Never hate bad people, as doing so, makes you one.

To call somebody bad is always subjective. You are your own tongue and you always have the control of any form to misjudge, much more to malign. You become what you feed your mind. You are what you utter. How you mistreat others speaks of your own inner pains that makes you devoid of self-blame, thus, the tendency is to reflect them to others. Before the eyes of God no one is bad saved alone how you define it in your mind. Allow God to do the work of judgment and never take away his role, otherwise, you’ll lose the beauty of respect to human dignity. God has always meant you to care but not to create fear. We’re no angels and each one deserves to be loved and to be afforded of a high esteem. If God seeks for the lost to find them back to the fold, never be the contrary by depriving others to be called.

Don’t stop doing small things for others. These small things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

“Let me be your Child, oh God..”

What you give you will also receive. It may not be in the same quantity, but surely, it will be of a better quality. Children learn from whatever they see and hear. The kind of atmosphere they’re in at home becomes their first teachers as they are moulded towards growth. A soft-spoken person roots its cause from the gentleness of his raring as a tot. Generosity is never handed through by blood but by the good examples that made them so glad. Love exudes when there is the foundation of care and affection that was imbedded in the character of the youth. Whatever you have planted among the few you will harvest in the many. Children will never become the hope of the future if they start with the inadequate sense of their parents’ neglect of being good formators. When God calls you to be childlike, he seeks for your tenderness and meekness that you could never acquire by being childish.It would be much easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

‘Love begets love…”

Mind your life. There’s more that you can notice to change for the better than commenting on how others would live their own. Avoid all means to talk about others’ flaws. Know that there may be more that you’ve got. Seek for something positive and indulge yourself in affirmation that brings about inspiration rather than rejection. You may haven’t known how others would struggle to survive their ordeals and you are in no way to add more burdens to their shoulders. Never be stressed over things you cannot control but allow God to take over others’ miseries through your respect for them. Use every opportunity to convert one’s sad fate into becoming a joy; one’s frustration into a hope; one’s selfishness into selflessness; one’s despair into determination; and one’s anger into forgiveness and love. Never allow the action of others to decrease your good attitude, because this represents yourself and not of someone else. Take out the speck from your eyes first, so that you will see the goodness of others.