Learn to love the unlovable. Never hate bad people, as doing so, makes you one.

To call somebody bad is always subjective. You are your own tongue and you always have the control of any form to misjudge, much more to malign. You become what you feed your mind. You are what you utter. How you mistreat others speaks of your own inner pains that makes you devoid of self-blame, thus, the tendency is to reflect them to others. Before the eyes of God no one is bad saved alone how you define it in your mind. Allow God to do the work of judgment and never take away his role, otherwise, you’ll lose the beauty of respect to human dignity. God has always meant you to care but not to create fear. We’re no angels and each one deserves to be loved and to be afforded of a high esteem. If God seeks for the lost to find them back to the fold, never be the contrary by depriving others to be called.

Don’t stop doing small things for others. These small things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

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