When God calls you as his friend, a deeper meaning to such a relationship accompanies the invitation.

A true friend is someone who stands up for you when others would try to hurt you emotionally or physically. He will do everything for your safety no matter what consequence he would take as its toll. He, too, is not just someone who may adhere always to your likings. Convenient or not, he must be bold enough to let you be aware of your flaws that is detrimental to your growth even to the extent of losing the amity, otherwise, he becomes an accomplice to your downfall. In a like manner, God abhors your sinfulness to let you grow according to the best plan he has in stored for you. His love goes even farther beyond how you define faithfulness in your limited capacity by spreading his arms on the cross that you may live. He accepts you as you are and will always stand loyal by your side. No true friend can ever abandon friendship. God will never will.

God is your friend and will always be your friend, for that’s what friends are for.

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