Cherish every moment of your friendship with the Lord. He is worth the time you spent with.

Friendship is not just all about having a company to be with, but is more of having an established relationship of mutual affection. When the Lord called you as his friend, he was paying full and undivided attention to the wholeness of your being unconditionally. In him you’ll find comfort to lay down everything you have in your heart without any inhibition. Despite your differences, he would never leave you abandoned regardless of any disparity in your likes. He is best described as a friend who doesn’t want anything from your abundance but runs towards you in the times of your nothingness. He will never turn his back to you in your shamefulness but embraces you fully when others could not. He’s one who does not save his credentials but saves you, as he stoops down to your lowliness to let you feel that you are never left alone. That is how he uses his wisdom. That is how he fills in the vacuum of your emptiness. That is how he defines relationship.

True friends will never keep you apart, maybe in distance, but never in your heart.

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