It’s difficult to love a person who punishes you, much more with God. He doesn’t condemn nor elates with punishments, but forgives.
Be consoled if you have sinned. God goes beyond any form of punishment. He just wants you to repent and feel his love through his forgiveness. You’re no angel to be perfect in life’s fullness. It is inevitable to fall, to commit mistakes, to sin, but do not ever think that God will forever condemn you because of these. This is the very essence of his redemptive offering of his blood on the cross. It is never in his nature to punish but is inherent of compassion to give you opportunities to prove your worth as his redeemed child. He gives you space to be sorry for what you’ve done and prods you not to stay in the stagnancy of your sins but to move on with a renewed life. He is a God who gives chances but never confined to the obstinacy of any stoic law that punishes. God has always a warm heart to forgive and to embrace.
It is when you accept your transgression that you can feel God’s reconciliation.

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