It’s quite ironic that it’s much easier to speak of one’s flaws than affirming his good acts.

When there are moments that people talk behind your back accept and realize that you can be wrong and can make mistakes. This calls for humility. You’re beyond perfection but you can be perfectly gentle by honestly accepting your failures. This is grace in defeat and being true to yourself. Do not be disheartened but keep moving forward and never be affected by their jeers and criticisms. Respect their disrespect. It’s their option not yours. Believe that God is your shield for He knows you better than what others speak about you. You are never denied as a sinner to love God nor will he ever reject such love from you. Have the courage to smile at your tormentors so as to let them realize that you have something which they don’t – prudent and forgiving the way God would. If they had such, for sure, they won’t talk about you.

No matter how far you’ve been shunned, God will never let go of your hand.

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