Learn to lead with love. A good leader knows and feels the needs of his constituents much more than his own wants.

Humbly ask the Lord to bless you with the opportunity to be of guidance to the many who have lost their ways. Gently beseech him to grant you the strength to become a pillar to those who are weak and found life burdensome. In the softness of your heart allow God to pass through your lips that you may utter the tender words in consoling the many captives of weariness and anxieties. Permit him to move your hands to share his kindness to alleviate hunger and insufficiency. Though may not externally be seen, let the aura of the Good Shepherd’s love be felt by anyone who comes your way. You could never impersonate God but you can always be another him who cares and leads. Learn to follow the Lord, and be ready to shepherd with love and care your own kind of flock to bear.

Strive not to become a leader who calls, but a shepherd on call.

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