Though Joseph was living with God, it did not stop him to value the hardships of labor. He even taught God to work hard for it.

Learn to love your work. It is only in so doing that you’ll have a lot of energy to enjoy every minute of it. Oftentimes, most of your fatigue comes from exerting too much energy on a job contrary to your likes. It matters much when you are in loved with your work. Excellence can only happen when your mind is in accord with what your hands can accomplish. It generates gratefulness in retrospect to what your skills can do that can boast your esteem. God provides you with deserving talents to prove your worth according to the level of your capacity. He even let himself to grow and be moulded by a happy carpenter who loved his work and who later on came out as one of the famous persons in our history. Never under estimate yourself. God does not see your success but how you strive to be worthy of what he has given you to sustain your being. Offer your work to him as the greatest achievement of your life.

Whoever endures the pains of labor will always enjoy the fruits of his endeavours.

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