“I love you, Lord…”

To love is to share yourself. It means you’ll never have to say you’re sorry, or have done enough. It’s infinitum.

Love should not just be defined as an intense feeling of a deep affection, otherwise, it becomes stagnant. Rather, it should be seen as an enacted emotion. God did not just love the world and just stayed with the word. Rather, he did the act of giving his son for us as his greatest gift to complement that love. Your affection has to go down deeper even to the extent of giving your life for the recipient’s benefit. You don’t just pity a hungry person but share him food. You don’t just wish wellness to someone who’s sick but share some acts of a visit and gestures of comfort. You don’t just pray for a fallen friend but extending a hand to lift him up. Love is never kept but shared. God loves you unconditionally despite your past if you are just willing to make that act of absorbing your life with him as he asks.

Don’t just define love like a paradigm. It’s always a showtime.


Never be afraid to face the tomorrows of your life with an ardent trust that everything will gonna be alright.

Each day brings about new challenges that would create inhibitions of how to face the coming days of your life. This is where your faith comes in. Your trust in God will cease all doubts that cause fears and thereby strengthens your esteem steadfastly. Your trust in God teaches you to stay calm and to face the contrast of your weariness to become serene but composed. When you hold on to God, the thought itself provides the stamina to endure any stimulus to weakness and frailty. Your faith in God will become your stronghold to never back down. Your faith in God will let you leave the pains of the past and opens an optimism of a new beginning. Your faith in God becomes your breath to a new life. Just humbly ask him to blow in you the spirit of an inner flame that will forever warm your dying heart.

Never lose faith. Never lose God. He’s the only one you’ve got.

“Make me humble of heart, oh lord…”

Never indulge in debates just for ego-satisfaction. It’s a no-contest where winners get the boost while losers defy defeat.

With myriads of religions surrounding us, conflicts of teachings have led to an inevitable argument of who’s who speaks the truth. Oftentimes, it creates distance and animosity among subordinates and the essence of fellowship lost. The call of being God’s children is not all about intellectual stance but more in the kind of life lived in accord with his will. What God has hidden from the learned and the clever he has revealed to the merest. Believe in the faith you have stood with and propagate it from your heart through the way you live your life and not just through the eloquence of your lips. Salvation speaks not of attaining intellectual feats par excellence but of having the meekness in spreading the love of God. He sees not your expertise per se but the manifestation of such that benefits the multitude.

God would rather see the humility of your heart than your pride which keeps you apart.


What you hear from others is entirely different from what you know yourself. Respect your judgment.
Never be intimidated of what others say about you. They just repeat what they had in their minds. Any retaliation for the harm inflicted will only justify your feelings but never your act. The pain you’ve endured could never outmatch the joy of exhonarating and forgiving your offender. Focus not on what would others say that creates enmity, rather, center your attention to what your inner self dictates to pacify. God’s way of reconciliation is to redeem back the sinner to the fold but never of rejection. Allow God to take control of your mind and heart that you will never swerve from the path he wants you to trod. Never be imprisoned by the impulsiveness of your emotion but feel the freedom of being unscathed of any regret. Just keep doing good even if others cannot. Grant your critics the benefit of being loved, as they have forfeited them from above.
Our egos will make us diversified, but God’s love will bring us unified.

“Let God… let go…”

Bet you’ll feel better and nice if you follow the Lord against your will.

For quite some time, what you know better would not be the way God would see it as something even good. Experts as they were in the field of fishing, the disciples knew every technicality of their work, but contrary to their credo they followed Jesus and got the bigger haul of their labor. God knows better beyond your own expertise. He knows deep your thoughts but he goes further to give provision to your deeper essentials. What you will deem impossible, he finds a way. So, don’t be stuck in your desolation when things aren’t the way it is planned. It may not be according to your wants but God knows better to suffice your need far more than your excellence. Never argue with God, for he is deaf with your pride but sensitive to your humility. Allow him to navigate your rudder for he knows the shift to the life you deserve without falter.

Take a leap from your comfort zone and risk letting God manage your intellectual throne.


Vengeance can only become sweeter for those who aim to rebuild but not to destroy, to gather but not to scatter.

Unlike in a movie plot, God has shown us how he avenged his being abandoned by sharing his presence among those who deserted him. Not a word of condemnation but of meekness to greet them with peace. Not of any rejection to inhibit them but of an invitation to even touch him. Not of any pride to make a recompense but of the lowliness to even ask for their food to spend. His was not of revenge that would inflict anger and resentment but of reciprocating their loss by bringing them back his presence. When the harm done is retaliated with love, guilt is more felt and reconciliation hastened, confidence built up, and dedication thrives where faithfulness is strengthened. Much love is given by those who are forgiven much. Peace can only exist, not in an absence of a war, but in the cleansing of one’s mind and heart.

Peace can only be with you when you’re sincere enough to respond with “And also with you.”


It might had been beyond our knowledge, but we had been walking with God and meeting him personally in our daily life.
When I once walked this very same road of Emmaus, I thought it felt great to have trod that same route. Only later did I realize that I had been trodding a lot of these roads back home and there were a lot of Jesuses I met and walked with, that I failed to recognize his presence – among the hungry, the undeprived, and the destitutes. They could have had my better attention and I wouldn’t have gone too far just to feel his presence. I was too slow to perceive that he was just within my reach. I talked and preached eloquently about him, but little did I comprehend that I could have had talked with him among them. Oftentimes, we missed the opportunity of recognizing the bare presence of God in the daily events of our lives. It might have been unknown to us but we have been walking with him, talking to him, and eating with him. In this sad time of pandemic, there are a lot of him that we can walk with, so let’s get hold of this encounter by limiting our talks and keeping our hands to work.
Serving Jesus, then, will be our walk of a new road to Emmaus in our lives again.


Resurrection is not just all about the triumph over death. It also speaks about a transformation of outlook in life.

Such a phenomenon is certainly never new to God, but the awe of those who witnessed it and for you who know about it. Mary Magdalene ceased to be a woman of doubt and she was transformed to an ardent believer. Peter and John strengthened their conviction about him. Your knowledge of this wonderful event transfigures your frustrations to hope, your doubts to certainty, and your misery to contentment. You have carried your own cross, just enough to what you are capable of. Now is the time to claim your crown of glory. God is a master of surprises as long as you never doubt his majesty, for before you knew it, you have already begun your journey towards rising up to a newness of life. God’s great love has given you a new hope to move on.

Never die in your despair, a new dawn has come to bring you welfare. 

“God is with us…”

Prayers and sacrifices are not just expressed through our bruised knees but lived in the reality of our experiences in life.
Though far from having a touch with our church’s Holy Week celebration, the reality of its essence is well manifested in the confines of our homes. Undoubtedly, there is that longing to God’s presence in the Eucharist that we have missed, and that pain of wanting him becomes a meaningful genuine sacrifice to come nearer to his comforting peace. We long to feel the explicit company of the one who saved us. Since the time that ashes were poured on our heads we have spent a lot of Good Fridays from then – the lockdowns, the prohibitions, the uncomforts, the fear, and for the many – the hunger. But we don’t stay here. We have to traverse through our anxieties that behind this storm is a shining cloud of hope and an Easter of a new life. If God conquers death, more so he will conquer our infirmities from this plague.
We can never be despaired in vain, if only we allow God to be risen in our hearts again.


It takes a lot of pains to forgive. Yet, it is through these pains that you have been redeemed.

Easier said than done, you let go of this wonderful chance to effect peace and reconciliation. You deny yourself of the humility to participate in God’s quest of letting you back in his fold. You cater to feed your pride rather than defeat it. You endure to suffer the hurt of your resentment than enjoy the smooth breath of having to forgive. You become imprisoned of your own selfish desires. Set yourself free from the bondage of your self-righteousness. As you open wide your heart, feel the presence of an unblemished God who willingly spread his arms to stain himself of what could have had belonged to you. Alone, he bore your heavy loads to let you go free to radiate his unconditional love through forgiveness. As a powerful God, just a word could have had made his perpetrators pay a great price. Yet, in between his breathing, he still managed in emitting, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”

As you start to forgive, be like that repentant thief who heard him say, “You will be with me in paradise today.”