Vengeance can only become sweeter for those who aim to rebuild but not to destroy, to gather but not to scatter.

Unlike in a movie plot, God has shown us how he avenged his being abandoned by sharing his presence among those who deserted him. Not a word of condemnation but of meekness to greet them with peace. Not of any rejection to inhibit them but of an invitation to even touch him. Not of any pride to make a recompense but of the lowliness to even ask for their food to spend. His was not of revenge that would inflict anger and resentment but of reciprocating their loss by bringing them back his presence. When the harm done is retaliated with love, guilt is more felt and reconciliation hastened, confidence built up, and dedication thrives where faithfulness is strengthened. Much love is given by those who are forgiven much. Peace can only exist, not in an absence of a war, but in the cleansing of one’s mind and heart.

Peace can only be with you when you’re sincere enough to respond with “And also with you.”

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