It might had been beyond our knowledge, but we had been walking with God and meeting him personally in our daily life.
When I once walked this very same road of Emmaus, I thought it felt great to have trod that same route. Only later did I realize that I had been trodding a lot of these roads back home and there were a lot of Jesuses I met and walked with, that I failed to recognize his presence – among the hungry, the undeprived, and the destitutes. They could have had my better attention and I wouldn’t have gone too far just to feel his presence. I was too slow to perceive that he was just within my reach. I talked and preached eloquently about him, but little did I comprehend that I could have had talked with him among them. Oftentimes, we missed the opportunity of recognizing the bare presence of God in the daily events of our lives. It might have been unknown to us but we have been walking with him, talking to him, and eating with him. In this sad time of pandemic, there are a lot of him that we can walk with, so let’s get hold of this encounter by limiting our talks and keeping our hands to work.
Serving Jesus, then, will be our walk of a new road to Emmaus in our lives again.

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