What you hear from others is entirely different from what you know yourself. Respect your judgment.
Never be intimidated of what others say about you. They just repeat what they had in their minds. Any retaliation for the harm inflicted will only justify your feelings but never your act. The pain you’ve endured could never outmatch the joy of exhonarating and forgiving your offender. Focus not on what would others say that creates enmity, rather, center your attention to what your inner self dictates to pacify. God’s way of reconciliation is to redeem back the sinner to the fold but never of rejection. Allow God to take control of your mind and heart that you will never swerve from the path he wants you to trod. Never be imprisoned by the impulsiveness of your emotion but feel the freedom of being unscathed of any regret. Just keep doing good even if others cannot. Grant your critics the benefit of being loved, as they have forfeited them from above.
Our egos will make us diversified, but God’s love will bring us unified.

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