Bet you’ll feel better and nice if you follow the Lord against your will.

For quite some time, what you know better would not be the way God would see it as something even good. Experts as they were in the field of fishing, the disciples knew every technicality of their work, but contrary to their credo they followed Jesus and got the bigger haul of their labor. God knows better beyond your own expertise. He knows deep your thoughts but he goes further to give provision to your deeper essentials. What you will deem impossible, he finds a way. So, don’t be stuck in your desolation when things aren’t the way it is planned. It may not be according to your wants but God knows better to suffice your need far more than your excellence. Never argue with God, for he is deaf with your pride but sensitive to your humility. Allow him to navigate your rudder for he knows the shift to the life you deserve without falter.

Take a leap from your comfort zone and risk letting God manage your intellectual throne.

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