To love is to share yourself. It means you’ll never have to say you’re sorry, or have done enough. It’s infinitum.

Love should not just be defined as an intense feeling of a deep affection, otherwise, it becomes stagnant. Rather, it should be seen as an enacted emotion. God did not just love the world and just stayed with the word. Rather, he did the act of giving his son for us as his greatest gift to complement that love. Your affection has to go down deeper even to the extent of giving your life for the recipient’s benefit. You don’t just pity a hungry person but share him food. You don’t just wish wellness to someone who’s sick but share some acts of a visit and gestures of comfort. You don’t just pray for a fallen friend but extending a hand to lift him up. Love is never kept but shared. God loves you unconditionally despite your past if you are just willing to make that act of absorbing your life with him as he asks.

Don’t just define love like a paradigm. It’s always a showtime.

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