In today’s uncertainties, everywhere you turn there’s a new atmosphere of a stronger reliance in God.

Amidst the fears that brought about instability there’s a new sound of rejoicing, not of triumph over the catastrophe but of victory of winning God’s esteem back in many of each one’s life. Something significant is happening among us – the fear has caused strength to the multitude to trust in God. He is doing a new thing in ways we have not known before. He is transforming our weariness into a new vigor of confidence; our anxieties into a hope of reliability; and our desperation into an inspiration to survive. We may find it to be alluring but nothing is too difficult with God. We may have empty churches but God fills our hearts with an abundance of assurance that He will suffer with us and that he will never leave us. He desires to be where we are for he wants to let us feel his saving grace and glory, not for his benefit but for our own sake. He will cause peace and calmness to spring forth all over the earth.

Our fear becomes the atmosphere to welcome his mighty presence, as we let him come alive with us in the truest sense.

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