Never indulge in debates just for ego-satisfaction. It’s a no-contest where winners get the boost while losers defy defeat.

With myriads of religions surrounding us, conflicts of teachings have led to an inevitable argument of who’s who speaks the truth. Oftentimes, it creates distance and animosity among subordinates and the essence of fellowship lost. The call of being God’s children is not all about intellectual stance but more in the kind of life lived in accord with his will. What God has hidden from the learned and the clever he has revealed to the merest. Believe in the faith you have stood with and propagate it from your heart through the way you live your life and not just through the eloquence of your lips. Salvation speaks not of attaining intellectual feats par excellence but of having the meekness in spreading the love of God. He sees not your expertise per se but the manifestation of such that benefits the multitude.

God would rather see the humility of your heart than your pride which keeps you apart.

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