Never be afraid to face the tomorrows of your life with an ardent trust that everything will gonna be alright.

Each day brings about new challenges that would create inhibitions of how to face the coming days of your life. This is where your faith comes in. Your trust in God will cease all doubts that cause fears and thereby strengthens your esteem steadfastly. Your trust in God teaches you to stay calm and to face the contrast of your weariness to become serene but composed. When you hold on to God, the thought itself provides the stamina to endure any stimulus to weakness and frailty. Your faith in God will become your stronghold to never back down. Your faith in God will let you leave the pains of the past and opens an optimism of a new beginning. Your faith in God becomes your breath to a new life. Just humbly ask him to blow in you the spirit of an inner flame that will forever warm your dying heart.

Never lose faith. Never lose God. He’s the only one you’ve got.

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