It takes a lot of pains to forgive. Yet, it is through these pains that you have been redeemed.

Easier said than done, you let go of this wonderful chance to effect peace and reconciliation. You deny yourself of the humility to participate in God’s quest of letting you back in his fold. You cater to feed your pride rather than defeat it. You endure to suffer the hurt of your resentment than enjoy the smooth breath of having to forgive. You become imprisoned of your own selfish desires. Set yourself free from the bondage of your self-righteousness. As you open wide your heart, feel the presence of an unblemished God who willingly spread his arms to stain himself of what could have had belonged to you. Alone, he bore your heavy loads to let you go free to radiate his unconditional love through forgiveness. As a powerful God, just a word could have had made his perpetrators pay a great price. Yet, in between his breathing, he still managed in emitting, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”

As you start to forgive, be like that repentant thief who heard him say, “You will be with me in paradise today.”

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