“You alone is my happiness, oh Lord…”

When one becomes grateful of what he has in his life, contentment defines his whole attitude.
Happiness is derived from appreciating simple things that come to your life and much more in bigger ones. It builds up an attitude of bearing a wholesome personality that radiates lightness to other’s perception. God has been wanting you to become a bearer of his joy to inspire and not to despair, to strengthen and not to weaken, to build and not to destroy, to be faithful and not to abandon, and to accompany each journey of a soul who had lost his way towards him, that he may seek his presence. Be thankful in being generous enough to share a smile. A lot of those who meet your eyes needed that. Your grateful disposition resonates a good vibration in letting others feel God’s goodness in you. No amount of trembling atmosphere can ever overcome an ambience of having someone sharing a happy fellowship with you.
Your smile is your inherent gift. It costs nothing save a show of your teeth.

“May I never betray you, oh Lord…”

Probably, one of the most devastating pains one can ever experience is to be betrayed, much more if it comes from a trusted friend.
Trust precedes betrayal since you must have experienced it first with your betrayer. Strive to avoid losing someone’s confidence in you. Learn to value the importance of a good relationship rather than putting your own self-interest in the expense of losing your own credibility. Don’t just be well and famous sans your integrity. Bear in mind that weakness is not just attributed on the one betrayed, but more on the betrayer as the source of a treacherous contamination greater than any virus. Never let others lose their trust in you. Believe that this kind of loss shouldn’t have to occur and can always be preventable. You would have had felt the intense excruciating emotion of pain in the struggles of those who have been left out, and how difficult it was for them to move on. In the anguish of Jesus over Judas’ infidelity, pray and wish that you won’t be doing the same way.
Treat your friend with a genuine face and never delude him with your fake embrace.

“Lead me in your love, oh Lord…”

Be generous enough to give sinners a chance of being loved. Unlike you, they have much the need.
Never cultivate the least of your tendency to ostracize but nourish rather your potential to be compassionate. Avoid harsh judgments by all means. You never knew their pains and how difficult it was for them to struggle with life. They live with alienation in the midst of others’ condemnation and there must be no way for you to add more pains to their inhibition. Grab the moment to be Christ-like in putting them close to your heart than being antagonistic. Never worry with friends, they are already a part of you. Worry, instead, of finding a place in your utmost tenderness those whom you deem unpleasant to host. Your desire to care for the unwanted deserves a merit from God’s deepest affection. The essence of loving is not just exclusive to being reciprocal but more of being altruistic. True endearment never expects of something in return lest it become self-serving. It is heartily given, not asked.
Learn to love not just from your head, but much from the bottom of your heart.

“Let me grow in your love, oh Lord…”

As you begin to reflect the week of passion, focus more on how God loves you, and be glad, more than just to be in sorrow.

Each morning of your life is a beautiful expression of how much God cares for you. He opens your eyes to let you see the new wonders to come if only you permit Him to use you as a vehicle of His love among others. His presence is manifested through the gentle words you speak, the loving arms you extend to help, the listening ears you lend to hear of other’s fate, and your able feet to bring your gift of presence to all you will meet. These will be your weeklong reflections. Be glad that in your unworthiness the opportunities are still offered by Him for you to attain His grace. These are maybe simple things for you to do, but they do start a wonderful meaningful outlook to complete the holy days for you. Start the simple task by sharing a smile, as you journey towards making these days worthwhile.

It’s only when you grow in the love of God, that there will always be no room to be sad.

“Remain with me, oh God…”

Never stop doing good even if others oppose you. Know that you’re on the right track if they do so.

There will always be a lot of those who are never contented with satisfaction. Unwanting of their failures in life, they will always project their frustrations in many of other’s accomplishments. Consider them as spices of your life than being a burden. It’s always better when somebody envies your work, otherwise, your toil is of no importance and doesn’t deserve any recognition. Be grateful instead of their taunts than imitate their lack of appreciation. Never lose heart, as even God was a victim of his own critics. Yet, he proved them wrong when all that he’d done was for the benefit of their own. Strive to win your battle, as you will always be a victor of your every stuggle. Be firm to remain with God. Quitters never win, as winners never quit.

God could never have given us salvation if not for the devil’s intrusion.


“Be it unto me..”

She took the risk of losing her marriage, her dear life and good reputation, but nothing had stopped Mary to say her big YES that brought our redemption.

It didn’t matter if she would have lost the earthly treasures just to gain heavenly ones in her simple obedience to God’s will. Her “Be it done to me” signified her total availability to the service of God and to mankind. She surrendered herself wholeheartedly to the unknown plan of God because she believed more in her love to follow Him than pursuing her own wants. She bowed at the lordship of His words sufficed by her humility, her obedience and her servitude. Mary knew the risks of her acts, but she chose God more than her needs, above all her wishes, and put her confidence and obedience to his will. Her trust was her zeal, her total availability was the essence of her virginity, and her obedience speaks of her utmost humility of a total surrender to his divine will. She wasn’t concerned of her pains but thought of pleasing God more than her personal gains.

In her lowliness, Mary brought forth the victory to every soul’s gladness.

“The truth will set you free…”

Live free. Breathe smoothly. No amount of your face mask can ever suffocate God’s love you’ve asked.

Feel that inner joy of having to live in the abode of truthfulness. When you dwell in the truth of your mind, be freed from the malice of your thoughts. When you freed yourself from unforgiveness, no amount of anger and hatred can drown your desire for a better relationship. As you loosen the bond of your selfishness, be freed from greed that held you captive of being egoistic, as you will lead yourself to becoming altruistic. Never worry about what to come, but enjoy the present true moments of whatever you can do with your bare hands. When you become contented of every simple good acts you’ve done, true happiness will suffice your every need of joy which you wished could have had long begun.

Live in the truthfulness of your heart, and set yourself free from any hurt

“You are my strength, oh God…”

When everything seems to fail, resort to prayer and you’ll gain back the strength to do what you will.

Never give in to frustration and despair. Failures are meant to build up your stamina of being consistent in your quest of achieving perfection. To back off is a sign of cowardice but to move on signifies your courage and determination. Reconnect yourself with God. He gives more the needed energy for you to stand again and to continue your journey towards fulfilling your dreams. He sees not how many times you fall but how you strive to push yourself up to attain what is possible when you trod the rugged road with him. Your trust in him is your prayer, and that prayer is the inner force that will lead you to every success you have always wanted in your life to attain.

Your strength can only become strong, only if it is strengthened by God alone. 


Avoid condemning someone based on what you’ve heard, for there’s more you’ve got to know first.

Never be in haste in condemning someone who had done nothing against you, but just because the crowd says so. Respect your own discretion and never be intimidated by the havoc of the majority’s heated emotion. Be calm and listen to your inner voice of compassion than the shouts of oppression. In the raging anger of the multitude, be cool with your wholesome attitude. In the midst of other’s beleaguered uncertainties, stand to be firm with your empathy rather than stay in complacency. Don’t just go with the tide, but row your boat to save the drowning victim to your side. Behind every false accusation is always a hypocritical pretension. God has never condemned you, so there’s no reason why would you condemn others too.

If you have to cast the first stone, know that you could be hit by what you have thrown.

“Make me big in your eyes, oh Lord…”

Never underestimate yourself. Your excellence is never measured by your size and attainment. It’s what you have deep inside of you.

Nothing is so thick for God’s vision to penetrate. His knowledge is beyond what your mind can farther comprehend. He sees everything you’ve done and whatever is unknown to your consciousness. Never tag yourself as good for nothing. You are worth more than what you thought of being a nobody. The greatness and success of others depend on the lowliness and failures of some, otherwise, there would be no comparison. Never hesitate to do a small good act. It’s where all fulfillment starts. You may consider yourself a small seed but it’s where a big trunk will grow. Be aware that an achievement is publicized, lest it wouldn’t be known. Don’t worry about your unrecognized feats, they’re your great achievements and not for other’s praises. Be humble and silently be grateful.

Straight-standing wheats are always empty. Those which droop are full.