Avoid condemning someone based on what you’ve heard, for there’s more you’ve got to know first.

Never be in haste in condemning someone who had done nothing against you, but just because the crowd says so. Respect your own discretion and never be intimidated by the havoc of the majority’s heated emotion. Be calm and listen to your inner voice of compassion than the shouts of oppression. In the raging anger of the multitude, be cool with your wholesome attitude. In the midst of other’s beleaguered uncertainties, stand to be firm with your empathy rather than stay in complacency. Don’t just go with the tide, but row your boat to save the drowning victim to your side. Behind every false accusation is always a hypocritical pretension. God has never condemned you, so there’s no reason why would you condemn others too.

If you have to cast the first stone, know that you could be hit by what you have thrown.

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