Appointment of Rev. Msgr. Ramon Masculino Jr., PC, as the Head of the Transition Team for the turning over of the Jesuit-run Sta. Maria Chinese-Filipino Parish (Our Lady of China Parish) to the Archdiocese of Jaro.

We are pleased to announce to you the appointment of Rev. Msgr. Ramon Masculino Jr., PC, as the Head of the Transition Team for the turning over of the Jesuit-run Sta. Maria Chinese-Filipino Parish (Our Lady of China Parish) to the Archdiocese of Jaro.

Let us pray for our clergy and for this transition period, and we thank the Lord for the gifts and charisms that the Lord has entrusted to every community working in the vineyard of the Lord!

Tanza Parish together with Iloilo City Police Office PP1 and ICPO Ladies Club open Community Pantry.

Tanza Parish together with Iloilo City Police Office PP1 and ICPO Ladies Club open Community Pantry.

Caritas Christi urget nos. Urged by the love of Christ, we accompany and help our brothers and sisters pastorally through Ministry of Charity. This is our faith response and concrete way of helping those who are in need in these trying times.

The City Proper PNP Barangayanihan headed by Police Capt Shiela Mae Sangrines, ICPO Ladies Club headed by Mrs. Garbanzos, and Tanza Parish Priest, Fr. Angelo Colada would like to thank the sponsors, benefactors, and volunteers.

The Saint Julian Parish Community Pantry’s

The Saint Julian Parish Community Pantry’s

2 Corinthians 9:6-8 

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. 

The Saint Julian of Cuenca Parish spearheaded by the youth ministry has officially launched its community pantry in the municipality of Janiuay yesterday, April 25, 2021. This community pantry is in collaboration with different active youth organizations and made successfully with the oozing support from private donors.

The Saint Julian Parish Community Pantry Volunteers believe that it is in the most challenging time that people, especially the youth, should come together and do something for those who are in dire situation. It is innate to people to help others even in the simplest form— a reason why community pantries exist in many places. The Saint Julian Parish Community Pantry’s objective is line with the invitation of this year’s celebration, Year of Missio Ad Gentes, with the theme: “Gifted to Give”. This recalls the command of Jesus: “What you have received as a gift, give as a gift” (Mt 10:8).

The community pantry will continue to operate as long as there are donations coming in and the supply is enough to keep it functional. The volunteers will continue to serve the people with utmost compassion and with the reminder that everything we do if for the greater glory of God. Myles Lagana Poral 

Photos: St. Julian Parish Youth Ministry, Janiuay

“Let me walk in your way, oh Lord…”

It always feels nice when you are in the right track. Being faithful to the road signs you see will never let you out of the way.

Recognize the right road you’re trodding. It can only have its smoothness when it all leads to God. Much as you are engrossed to pampering yourself with your whims, the farther you’ll swerve from God’s direction to the right path. The closer you indulge yourself to his will, the nearer you will approach the destination you so desire. Cease to adhere other voices that leads to your bodily pleasure but abhorrent to the sanity of your soul. Rather, center your attention to the less inaudible voice of God that will lead you to the right journey. Listen not to how others would praise you, lest you become paranoid of self-adoration, but feel rather the vibration of how God has wanted you to follow him to walk humbly in his way. The silence of your humility becomes the voice of your strength that will make you gently submissive to his divine will. The love of God which makes you feel best is the very same love he wants you to share among the rest.

Keep God’s ways alive in your heart and your life will never keep apart.

Thank you, for being there, oh Lord

Cherish every moment of your friendship with the Lord. He is worth the time you spent with.

Friendship is not just all about having a company to be with, but is more of having an established relationship of mutual affection. When the Lord called you as his friend, he was paying full and undivided attention to the wholeness of your being unconditionally. In him you’ll find comfort to lay down everything you have in your heart without any inhibition. Despite your differences, he would never leave you abandoned regardless of any disparity in your likes. He is best described as a friend who doesn’t want anything from your abundance but runs towards you in the times of your nothingness. He will never turn his back to you in your shamefulness but embraces you fully when others could not. He’s one who does not save his credentials but saves you, as he stoops down to your lowliness to let you feel that you are never left alone. That is how he uses his wisdom. That is how he fills in the vacuum of your emptiness. That is how he defines relationship.

True friends will never keep you apart, maybe in distance, but never in your heart.


It’s difficult to love a person who punishes you, much more with God. He doesn’t condemn nor elates with punishments, but forgives.
Be consoled if you have sinned. God goes beyond any form of punishment. He just wants you to repent and feel his love through his forgiveness. You’re no angel to be perfect in life’s fullness. It is inevitable to fall, to commit mistakes, to sin, but do not ever think that God will forever condemn you because of these. This is the very essence of his redemptive offering of his blood on the cross. It is never in his nature to punish but is inherent of compassion to give you opportunities to prove your worth as his redeemed child. He gives you space to be sorry for what you’ve done and prods you not to stay in the stagnancy of your sins but to move on with a renewed life. He is a God who gives chances but never confined to the obstinacy of any stoic law that punishes. God has always a warm heart to forgive and to embrace.
It is when you accept your transgression that you can feel God’s reconciliation.


It’s quite ironic that it’s much easier to speak of one’s flaws than affirming his good acts.

When there are moments that people talk behind your back accept and realize that you can be wrong and can make mistakes. This calls for humility. You’re beyond perfection but you can be perfectly gentle by honestly accepting your failures. This is grace in defeat and being true to yourself. Do not be disheartened but keep moving forward and never be affected by their jeers and criticisms. Respect their disrespect. It’s their option not yours. Believe that God is your shield for He knows you better than what others speak about you. You are never denied as a sinner to love God nor will he ever reject such love from you. Have the courage to smile at your tormentors so as to let them realize that you have something which they don’t – prudent and forgiving the way God would. If they had such, for sure, they won’t talk about you.

No matter how far you’ve been shunned, God will never let go of your hand.

“You are my Good Shepherd, oh Lord…”

Learn to lead with love. A good leader knows and feels the needs of his constituents much more than his own wants.

Humbly ask the Lord to bless you with the opportunity to be of guidance to the many who have lost their ways. Gently beseech him to grant you the strength to become a pillar to those who are weak and found life burdensome. In the softness of your heart allow God to pass through your lips that you may utter the tender words in consoling the many captives of weariness and anxieties. Permit him to move your hands to share his kindness to alleviate hunger and insufficiency. Though may not externally be seen, let the aura of the Good Shepherd’s love be felt by anyone who comes your way. You could never impersonate God but you can always be another him who cares and leads. Learn to follow the Lord, and be ready to shepherd with love and care your own kind of flock to bear.

Strive not to become a leader who calls, but a shepherd on call.



Last April 23, 2021, the Church of Saint Pedro Calungsod in Cordova, Tigbauan, Iloilo has been canonically erected as parish of the Archdiocese of Jaro with Rev. Fr. Carlo M. Noquez as its first parish priest. The Eucharistic Celebration and Rite of Erection and Installation was presided by His Grace, Most Rev. Jose Romeo O. Lazo, D.D., and was concelebrated by the several priests from the different parishes of the Archdiocese.
During his homily, Archbishop Lazo emphasized the role of a shepherd that priests should embody in tending the flock entrusted by the Lord to them. He connected the mission of a priest and the erection of new parishes as part of the shepherding ministry of the Church to the faithful. Archbishop Lazo, being the Metropolitan Archbishop of Jaro, gave a hint of the future of the Archdiocese as a Mother Diocese of three possible new dioceses that will soon be erected as well.
The Parish of Saint Pedro Calungsod in Cordova, Tigbauan, Iloilo is the 95th parish of the Archdiocese of Jaro covering 10 barangays of the Municipality of Tigbauan, Iloilo, and will be part of the Vicariate of Saint John joining the parishes of Oton, Santa Monica, Oton, Tigbauan (its Iglesia Matriz), Dapdap, Tigbauan, Tubungan, Igbaras, and Guimbal.
Photo courtesy of Rev. Fr. Joel Lena.

“Lord to whom shall we go?”

When all of the world turned their backs on you, it might have been your thought that you were left alone. No, you’re not.

Never look down on yourself no matter how distressful things are. Failures are sometimes set to happen not to discourage you but to make you stronger the next time it strikes. You have never been so small as God has always seen you big before His very eyes. He has always kept you in his company, otherwise, to whom shall you go? Though how so little you feel you may be, put on the mantle of love God has always been offering you and share it among those who needed it the most, and even to those who have left you. Though unconsciously, you will be surprised to see how wide you have grown to stand as a shade for them. Your life has always been God’s greatest gift to you that you become branches for others to grow their nests that more lives will flow. Always be glad to share this gift. It’s the best thing you can ever give.

Compassion is more than just being preached, but shared for others to be reached.