When all of the world turned their backs on you, it might have been your thought that you were left alone. No, you’re not.

Never look down on yourself no matter how distressful things are. Failures are sometimes set to happen not to discourage you but to make you stronger the next time it strikes. You have never been so small as God has always seen you big before His very eyes. He has always kept you in his company, otherwise, to whom shall you go? Though how so little you feel you may be, put on the mantle of love God has always been offering you and share it among those who needed it the most, and even to those who have left you. Though unconsciously, you will be surprised to see how wide you have grown to stand as a shade for them. Your life has always been God’s greatest gift to you that you become branches for others to grow their nests that more lives will flow. Always be glad to share this gift. It’s the best thing you can ever give.

Compassion is more than just being preached, but shared for others to be reached.

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