God’s nourishment would bring about a new life, a new journey, and a new beginning.

You may have bruised your life in the past with pains and heartaches. Remember, they do heal. You don’t have to stay in the stigma of fear that had been caused by these unpleasant memories. In the event that you’ll allow God to nourish your being, you’ll sprout a new stem that reaches out with strength for new leaves to grow. Allow him to be your supplement to heal the broken ligaments of relationship. Let go of the traumatic past and face the present with vibrance and with a strong determination to live a new kind of life in its fullness. Storms pass and so, too, with your past. There’s more to life than stay being stagnant in your hurts. Ignite a happy atmosphere and believe that life can go on amidst trials and tribulations. Believe that you can make it, only if you have the will to do it.

In your new journey, God will always be in your company.

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