In the midst of confusion and weariness in life, strive to be a channel of courage and not of fear.

When your mind becomes subservient to your emotions, fear sips in and it becomes difficult for you to comprehend stability and calmness. Thus, when the storms of your life come in, you drown yourself easily in frustration. Never satisfy your feelings by going with the pains, and at times, of hurting yourself to the extent. This is depression. The antidote is obvious: mind control. This is the power of positive thinking. God has given you the gift of the will. He puts your mind above your heart so you can use this gift to control any ill-feeling and to alleviate your mood to eventually appreciate the value of life. Allow yourself then to become the strength to the many who are weak. A joyful atmosphere brings about good vibration that creates an ambience of courage and serenity.

No amount of fear can ever overcome your trust in following God’s will.

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