You are blessed to be broken. Coming into shattered pieces, a new dawn in your life will come to rise.

The breaking causes pain but it is only through this affliction that something better comes out. Just as the shell of an egg breaks its form to produce a new life, the skin and flesh of God were torn and broken by the scourgings in order to bring about your salvation. In a like situation, the restriction that had been caused by this epidemic has led you to the breaking of your wants which led you to strengthen your fellowship with your loved ones. Your world of individualism has transformed into a communion of sharing. Never be afraid of further breakages to surface. Break the layers of your pride and an innermost humility will thrive. Break your insensitivity that you will be fully aware of how others would crave for your care. Break the core of your sinfulness and you will feel God’s loving embrace.

In the event of the shatter, scars are inevitable… and scarred people are always beautiful.

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