Meals are great times to commune. Leaning at the edge of a board, everyone partakes the same food. This is communion.

Determined in differences of one’s earnings, food varies in quality. Those blessed to have more enjoy the sumptuous intakes, while the lesser ones contend with the meager. This is unlikely in the way God would feed us. Unmindful of whatever our status, each one partakes equal sustenance and the same nourishment. Our bodies may have all the options to choose but our souls yearn only for the unanimous one – the body of God. We can be diversified in our wants but in partaking the essential necessity of our souls, we are unified. In the celebration of the Holy Eucharist that we participated, the meal had let us become one enormous family and one unified community in one loving fellowship. This was what made us gather. This was what made us one. This was how God united us in his meal. If there is one significant thing this epidemic crisis has brought us is this arduous longing to touch him, to receive him, and to let him become fully alive again in our hearts.

As we truly miss him, the absence makes our heart grow fonder.

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