When you immersed yourself in the kind of nourishment only God can give, a new life’s perpective unfolds.
Life defines its meaning by the way you live it and not just all about the abode of your domicile and tasty intakes. It is well reflected by how you reach out to other’s life than just feel the glamour of what you wear or what you eat. It’s all about how you gratefully appreciate your blessings than sadly grieving for what is lacking. Your life’s shortcomings are never meant to be ostracized but to add meaning to your outlook in life. It’s how you value them that brings you the strength to learn from your mistakes; it’s how you reject them that you become weak in handling difficulties. No amount of unsignificant persons and challenges may ever dampen your spirit when you are fully absorbed in gratefulness for all the blessings God has bestowed on you as his gifts.
Life is but God’s beautiful gift, only if you learn to appreciate it.

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