Not all who ate the bread and the fish multiplied by Jesus were righteous people. Yet, they all had their sumptuous share.
Though how credible it might seem, God sustains everyone adequately and he sees the necessity of the need, and not just the diversity of the recipients. He used the smallness of what a simple boy can share for the welfare and satisfaction of the many. It was more of the act of sharing and not of the quality of what was shared, for there is no measure for what the poor can share nor what the rich can receive. Obviously, God sees how you treat people around you. Certainly, he would be glad if you can share much of his love when you can give more priority to among those who could not afford to deserve such blessings; to among those who could not return back the favors received; to among those who are in their utmost need to eat from your excessed wants; and to among those who desperately aspire for your kindness and generosity. This will be your own version of what a miracle is.
God lives in the humbled abode of the poor, longing to be a part of that simple bread you will afford.

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